Transactions within the country,
international transactions:
fast, reliable, efficient.

Transfers, regardless of the location
of the recipient or sender — effective and efficient
method of replenishment or transfer of funds.


Effective system of online transactions all over the world

Wherever you are, it will take you no more than several minutes to receive or transfer money using Velespay system.

Receive money

In Velespay system you can receive money instantly and with minimal commission. You can both receive and send funds in any supported currency, depending on the country you are staying in the moment. The system works safely and quickly, keeping the whole process of transfer in details under the client's control.

Send money

Instant transfer of fund in any currency all over the world. Supervision over the transactions is carried out by Velespay system, and the client can control the process of transfer and get all detailed information 24/7 just in few minutes.

Withdrawal of funds from Velespay system

To withraw the funds received from the partner, get cash if necessary all you need come to any transfer distribution office. All you have to bring is only your passport and operation ID.

Transfer of funds within the country and abroad

Quickly and easy to add funds on the account or transfer money, to pay for any purchase or service worldwide without opening the bank account - these are some basic opportunities of Velespay electronic payment service.

Security and reliability

The unique financial transaction security system allows you to flexibly and precisely configure all security parameters, wherever you are. At any time, the security system can be configured in a new way, taking into account the conditions in which the transfer takes place.

Partnership programs

Without restrictions in currency, without restrictions in the amount of the transfer, each Velespay client can send and receive money around the world with a guarantee of the reliability of the operation and support for more than 10 currencies.

Financial management: simple and effective

Sign up or sign in right and see yourself the simplicity, convenience and efficiency of the system. Using any payment services we provide, you can transfer or receive money today.

Now it became even easier to transfer, withdraw, pay

Automation of payments

Each of your regular payments can be automated, and after that you can let the system do all the routine work for you. The client can just control the process and make corrections to any operation in real time.

Management of wallets

For more convenient management of the personal funds, the client can work with several wallets and currencies simultaneously, but each wallet at the same time will have its own unique details that increases the safety.

Instant money transfers worldwide

Transactions between wallets

For owners of the Velespay E-wallet it's very easy to send and receive money: all he needs is an e-mail.

Online banking

Minimal comission and any payment method. Now you can make payments and transfers to Brazil, China, Russia, India, the Republic of South Africa. Without days off and holidays, 24 hours a day.

Fast and simple withdrawal of funds

Now it's easy to withdraw money

For withdrawal of funds from Velespay system all you have to do is use one of the methods listed below. The simplest way is to use card and withdraw money in the necessary currency from any ATM in the world.

Fast cashing

Minimal comission and any payment method. Now you can make payments and transfers to Brazil, China, Russia, India, the Republic of South Africa. Without days off and holidays, 24 hours a day.

Convert — easy

The conversion is made at the most current rate. You can convert currency between your e-wallet.

Minimal commission

With the Velespay service, you always have a guarantee that any payment or transfer of funds will take place quickly and with a minimum commission.

Privacy and security

We store carefully all information about your payments and your personal data, and our fraud protection team makes each transaction safe.

Non-stop customer support

The client can use the round-the-clock customer support with the multilingual interface.

All tools on hand

The independence of the location and the device from which the transaction is managed will allow you to make a transfer or conversion right now.

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Available system is at your disposal

Financial security of the client, efficiency and quick operation. Just sign up or sign in into your account.