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API helps to easily interact with your online store, portal, application or infrastructure and Velespay payment system, automate sending/receiving payments, view transaction history, invoices and more.

Velespay provides an opportunity to interact with the payment service by means of software and various programming languages. The API consists of a set of different functions for interaction over HTTPs. With these functions it is possible to access various system resources, for example: information about payment transactions, wallet balance, static information about countries, currencies, exchange rates and other information that is used in the Velespay system, as well as to issue an invoice to the buyer or send/withdraw funds. Interaction is carried out using GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests in UTF-8 encoding to specific URLS, depending on the required information.


SCI allows you, as a merchant, to accept payments through your website or portal. Thanks to this functionality, you can quickly connect your service to the Velespay payment platform and start accepting payments from both system clients and clients not registered in the system, and the buyer will make the choice of the payment method himself.