Successful payment URL

    Specify the page to which the buyer will be redirected after successful payment:
  • Go to your personal account;
  • Menu Profile - > Wallets;
  • Select Wallet;
  • Open "Business" tab;
  • Verify your business;
  • Section "SCI interface:";
  • Specify Successful payment URL;
  • Specify a method for sending parameters;

Additional parameters that the Velespay platform transmits are associated with the buyer's forwarding by the POST method:

vm_txn = <Transaction ID in the system Velespay (integer)>;
vm_invoice = <Invoice number, according to your accounting system>;
vm_wallet = <Wallet on which the payment is credited (Yours). Example: VM123456789>;
vm_amount[gross] = <Amount of the invoice>;
vm_amount[fee] = <Fees>;
vm_amount[net] = <Amount credited>;
vm_currency[id] = <Digital currency code according to ISO 4217. Example: 0840>;
vm_currency[code] = <Currency code according to ISO 4217. Example: USD>;
vm_ps[system] = <Code of the payment system through which the invoice was paid, field "code" of the "Handbooks" -> "Payment systems/banks">;
vm_ps[code] = <Code of the electronic currency with which the invoice was paid, field "code" of the "Handbooks" -> "Electronic currency">;
vm_ps[currency] = <National currency code (USD), field "code" of the "Handbooks" -> "Currencies">;
vm_ps[gross] = <How much the buyer paid>;
vm_ps[fee] = <Fee in the currency of payment>;
vm_ps[net] = <Difference is the amount of payment and fees>;
vm_ps[rate] = <Exchange Rate if the account currency and the payment currency are different>;
vm_buyer[wallet] = <Payer's wallet. Example: VM123456789>;
vm_buyer[account] = <Account of the payer (integer)>;
vm_buyer[email] = <E-mail of the payer>;
vm_buyer[phone] = <Payer's phone>;
vm_buyer[name] = <Payer's name (First and Last Name or Company Name)>;
vm_buyer[country] = <Country of the payer (Digit country code ISO 3166-1)>;
vm_buyer[status] = <Status of the account of the payer (integer)>;
vm_status = <Status of the invoice. Transaction status (integer). If the invoice is fully paid, status = 7>;
vm_description = <Seller's comment or message>;

If the buyer is not registered in the Velespay system, the vm_buyer field will have only one email parameter.