About the company

Velespay's mission is to make online payments simple, fast and safe. Our team is made of people with extensive theoretical and practical experience in e-commerce, banking, financial software development and online sales.

Our Guarantees

Velespay has bank accounts where the real money is stored in the amount and currency corresponding to the total amount of our clients' funds on their Velespay accounts.

Our Goals

To provide innovative model of work with electronic currency, to offer our clients the most convenient and comfortable solutions for financial independence. To secure confidential data of our clients, to simplify the deposit, withdrawal, payment and transfer of money worldwide and with minimal commission.

About Us

Our company was a result of a long-term practice in the sphere of financial services on the Internet and beyond. Our team has the enormous experience with electronic payment services, banks and financial operations worldwide, and also with cryptocurrencies. Our programmers are the best in the world, and our customer support experts work 24/7 and at the highest level.