Payment solutions for business

Do your business, and let us take care of the finances.


Reception and transfers

Velespay for business allows to solve a huge number of different tasks, saving your time.

Payments on your website

Accept payments from millions of users in various ways all over the world.

Comfort of use

Carrying out operations from any place of the world with support of all mobile devices: from a personal computer to a smartphone or tablet.

Data protection

Safety of accounts is one of Velespay greatest priorities. Various ways of account protectionare provided by the additional security which is available to all clients to keep their money safe.

Payment for goods and services

Explore new markets, get access to new clients, accept payment for goods and services and expand your business in faster and more effective way.

Regular payments

Don't waste your time on regular payments of commissions, subscriptions, membership fees and charity. Entrust your time to Velespay system.


Plan all your payments beforehand, and Velespay system will allow your clients to carry out payments automatically on your e-wallet. All currencies and all payment methods. Withdraw funds any time as you need.

Adaptation to particular business

Velespay system offers the developed flexible system of financial decisions for particular businesses.

Social networks

Simplicity and safety of payments via Velespay service adapted to social networks.

  • Receive payment safely
  • Payments became even simpler
  • Increase the number of your clients
Freelance services

Financial independence of payment methods for freelancers and content exchanges.

  • Save your time
  • Easy pay and deposit
  • Save up on the commission
Online stores

If you trade on the Internet, the whole world can become your market.

  • Expand geography of sales
  • Accept payments worldwide
  • Convenient withdrawal of funds
Business for business

B2B payments is one of the fastest and most effective means of partnership supervision.

  • Any payments between partners
  • Saving of time on carrying out payments
  • Protection of your funds
Financial services

Payment systems, e-wallets, financial companies of different orientation and level. Especially for financial companies Velespay offers unique solutions for receiving payments.

  • Favorable conversion rates
  • Fast withdrawal and deposit
  • Use of any wallets and any methods of payment

Banks are a powerful Empire, as well as a large and efficient business. We offer convenient payment services for the Bank's clients. With extensive experience in the banking sector, we have identified important and necessary tools, combining them into one.

  • Accept payments
  • Your money is safe
  • 24/7 Support

Clients verification

The client base needs to be constantly updated. The wider is the network of clients, the more attention it requires. Let Velespay support your client base in a current state according to all KYC and AML standards.

Thorough verification of each client.

Receive notification about verification process.

Strict control over verification.

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