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Financial institutions

We support all types of payments and transfers, and provide access to providers in different countries with a single contract. Your customers will be able to make payments to the Bank in all available ways and in all Velespay channels, at any time.

Repayment of loans and deposit of accounts

Your customers can remotely repay loans, top up accounts and make transfers, which will help to establish the collection process and speed up the transfer of funds.

Convenience in calculations

Ready-made registers for payments in real time will simplify and speed up the introduction of reporting. We will implement automatic information exchange with your accounting system.


Individual approach to cooperation, assistance in working 24/7, for your employees and customers.


Flexible system of rates for Banks, depending on the scheme of cooperation and products.


Easy technical integration with the platform. Free development of technical information exchange by our programmers.

Payment form design

We have thoroughly worked out the UX and design of our payment forms and widgets. The interfaces are not only beautiful, but also functional: they support any resolution (desktop, smartphone, tablet), assume various types of integration, as well as customization for your design.

Scope of application

On the basis of our platform, Banks and financial organizations can provide Internet acquiring services, universal payment services-to ensure the acceptance and processing of all types of payments around the world.

Our mission

We want to provide the world's most innovative payment ecosystem, allowing any participant to organize payment acceptance with minimal costs and focus on solving business problems, without spending time and resources on developing their own payment solution.

An additional way to increase your income.
Providing our customers with your banking products is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty, expand the customer base and make your bank more recognizable on the world stage.

Bank cards

Issue co-branded and virtual cards for our customers around the world or only from your country. Set your own rates and limits. Customers will be able to pay or withdraw cash with the ability to manage cards in the Velespay personal account.

IBAN and Bank Accounts

Open accounts for our clients in your country with the ability to manage your account in your Velespay personal account. We will take care of the identification of customers and the technical side.

Settlement Bank

Provide settlement bank services in your country for our system. We will become your payment banking agent-aggregator.

Internet acquiring

Accepting payments with bank cards is one of the most convenient and fast ways to pay for goods and services. We will provide Internet Payment Service Provider services, providing the entire infrastructure for accepting payments. At the same time, all payments with merchants will pass through your bank directly.

Retailers and Agents

We provide a convenient personal account for paying for the services of providers, as well as money transfers to anywhere in the world, replenishment of cards, electronic and mobile wallets. More services — more customers. We know what is in demand among customers, and what services will further increase the profitability of your business.

Payment Agent

For residents of Canada: we provide an opportunity to become our payment agent. Accept and issue cash, make money transfers, top up cards and wallets in your office under our license and brand.

Sales Agent

Issue top-up cards (e-Voucher, prepaid card, stored value card) in your personal account and sell them in your country or via the Internet, in electronic and physical form.

Payment for services

We provide the opportunity to pay for the services of providers around the world: Banks, Wallets, Mobile communications, Travel services, Social networks, and other categories.


The identity verification procedure is relevant for Velespay users and partners. Passing identification opens up new opportunities-expands the limits on transactions, money transfers, cash withdrawals, issuing cards and opening accounts with partner banks.

Internet acquiring

Accepting payments with bank cards and wallets is one of the most convenient and fast ways to pay for goods and services. Bring customers to the service, become their manager and get rewarded from the turnover.

Velespay Terminals (Soon)

We offer solutions for terminal owners and landlords. A full range of software for accepting cash payments in favor of providers around the world through any convenient tool: payment terminals, mobile POS terminals, software products and payment acceptance modules.


We offer a reliable and affordable payment acceptance service for your customers. They can use online payments or make a cash payment at any of the points of the agency network in Canada and abroad.
Velespay payment service is ready to connect providers and start accepting payments for the following services:


Telephony, IP telephony, long-distance and international communication.


Internet service providers of all types of access (ADSL, Ethernet, satellite, mobile).


Housing and communal services

Settlement centers, management companies, homeowners ' associations, housing cooperatives, energy sales companies, gas companies,water utilities, radio stations, operators of fixed long-distance communication, garbage collection, security companies, intercom.

Domain registration

Providers that provide domain name registration services.


Providers of services that provide computing power for the physical placement of information on a server that is constantly located on the Internet.

Information services

Suppliers that provide reference and information services.

Security systems

Organizations that provide satellite and remote security services.

Educational services

Educational institutions: universities, schools, preschool institutions.

Online games

Providers of paid Internet games, with the exception of gambling.

Online communication

Multi-user sites, social networks, online dating sites, online chats.


Suppliers that provide customers with digital copies of works that are objects of intellectual property (written and oral works, sound recordings, video recordings, images, software, etc.).

Products by catalog

Products from catalogs, online stores, group discounts.

Charity work

Charitable foundations.

Tourist products

Companies that book and sell tourist products (intermediaries) - hotels, air and railway tickets.

Hotel reservations

Organizations that provide hotel booking services.


Taxi services.


Wired pay radio companies.


Companies that provide insurance services (individuals), which have the appropriate license.

Transport card

Operators of automated fare collection systems.

Granting loans

Companies providing microcrediting services for individuals.

Show tickets

Sports clubs, theaters, concert venues.

Technical inspection

Operators of technical inspection, providing services for the mandatory technical inspection of vehicles.


Companies providing legal goods or services in your country.

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