Velespay service — to work with individuals

Pay for purchases and receive payment with minimal comission — Velespay makes this benificial and quick. Perfect conditions for financial freedom of individuals.

Minimal commission

With Velespay service you can always be sure that any payment or conversion of money will be carried out quickly and with minimal commission.

Transfers to the card

You can always send from e-wallet to card in any country of the world and in any available currency.

Privacy and security

Your safety is our priority. We store carefully all information about your payments and your personal data, and our fraud protection team makes each transaction safe.

All tools on hand

Independence of location and the device from which you want to make transaction will allow you to pay any purchase or service from basically any place of the world.


We are chosen by the most progressive and vigorous clients

And we grow together with each of our customers.

Safety and reliability

Send and receive money on your card via any payment service most suitable to you and your partner. One card makes management of many accounts and any purchase safe.

Partnership programs

International and local transfers and payments. No matter where is a recipient of the transaction, in our country, or in China, or anywhere else in the world, money will be deposited on his bank account just in few minutes. And all that with minimal comission!

Individual fees

Depending on the number and volume of transactions, individual commissions are possible. Get cashback from transfers.

Financial management: simple and effective

Direct transfers in currencies of BRICS countries including unlimited transfers in yuans with minimal comission. Partnership with any payment services will also expand your opportunities for deposit, withdrawal and currency conversion.

Payment method
Deposit funds
Withdraw funds
Debit cards Hide
[] Visa & MasterCard & Maestro (UAH, EUR, USD)
Online banking Hide
[] Velespay - internal transfer
[] YooMoney
[] Advanced Cash
* the rate can be changed depending on the market and the currency excess.