This section describes the functions and structures of static data used in the Velespay payment platform.

The queries is done using GET requests in UTF-8 to URL https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/<Function Name>

Response from the server is a JSON object with data.

Since the data changes very rarely, in order to avoid unnecessary load on the server, please cache the results of requests for at least one hour or more.

Successful response will contain field - result

	"result": [Array]

Not successful, response contains an error field with a code and a message.

	"error": {
		"code": digital error code,
		"message": text error message

Error code - Code_Error

All error codes that occur in the process of working with the API.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Code_Error - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Code_Error/1000 - specific error

HTTP status code - Code_HTTP

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Code_HTTP - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Code_HTTP/404 - specific status code

Statuses accounts - Status_Account

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Account - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Account/3 - specific status

Statuses transaction - Status_Transaction

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Transaction - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Transaction/7 - specific status

Deposit/Withdrawal Statuses - Status_Exchange

These statuses are used for Deposits/Withdrawal/Merchants, if this action is performed through a third-party system

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Exchange - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Exchange/255 - specific status

Statuses verification - Status_Verification

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Verification - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Status_Verification/3 - specific status

Transaction type - Transaction_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Transaction_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Transaction_Type/1 - specific type

Address type - Address_Type

What are the types of addresses.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Address_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Address_Type/1 - specific type

Address file types - Address_File_Type

Files to upload to the address confirmation.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Address_File_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Address_File_Type/1 - specific file type

Bank code - Bank_Code_Type

National Bank codes should not be confused with the international SWIFT BIC code.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Code_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Code_Type/1 - specific Bank code

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Code_Type?code=CZE - search the code field

Bank transfer methods - Bank_Transfer_Method


URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Transfer_Method - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Transfer_Method/1 - specific method

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Transfer_Method?code=SHA - search the code field

Bank transfer priority - Bank_Transfer_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Transfer_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Bank_Transfer_Type/1 - specific type

Card payment systems - Card_System

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Card_System - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Card_System/1 - specific PS

Debit/credit card types - Card_System_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Card_System_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Card_System_Type/1 - specific type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Card_System_Type?system=1 - search the system field (id - Card_System)

Types business categories - Category_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Category_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Category_Type/1 - specific type

Business categories - Category

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Category - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Category/1 - specific category

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Category?type=1 - search by type field (id-Category_Type)

Countries - Country

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Country - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Country/1 - Digital country code according to ISO 3166-1

Additional GET parameters to search:
	code_2 - Alpha-2 ISO 3166-1
	code_3 - Alpha-3 ISO 3166-1
	currency - Digital code of the national currency
	citizenship=true - Countries whose citizens are served by the Velespay system

Determining country by IP - Country_Geo

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Country_Geo/

Cities - City

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/City - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/City/1 - specific city

Additional GET parameters to search:
	country - Country
	code_geo - Geocode
	capital=true - a sign of the Capital

Currency type - Currency_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_Type/1 - specific type

Currencies - Currency

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency/0840 - Digital currency code according to ISO 4217

Additional GET parameters to search:
	code - Currency code
	prefix - Symbol
	type - Currency type (Currency_Type)
	visible=true - Currencies used in the system Velespay
	default=true - Currencies that are created automatically in the wallet after registration in the Velespay system
	decimal_places - Decimal place

Types of e-currencies - Currency_E_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_E_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_E_Type/1 - specific type

Additional GET parameters to search:
	visible=true - Type availability

Payment systems/banks - E_System

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/E_System - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/E_System/1 - specific system

Additional GET parameters to search:
	code - System code
	type - Type of system (Currency_E_Type)
	visible=true - Used PS in Velespay system

Electronic currency - Currency_E

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_E - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_E/0471 - Digital code of electronic currency

Additional GET parameters to search:
	code - Code
	prefix - A symbol of the beginning of the purse
	system - id e-systems (E_System)
	type - Type of system (Currency_E_Type)
	currency - Compliance with national digital currency code according to ISO 4217
	visible=true - Used electronic currency in the system Velespay

Exchange rates - Currency_Rates

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_Rates - list for the current date

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Currency_Rates/2019-01-01 - search by specific date

Additional GET parameters to search:
	currency_from - Digital code according to ISO 4217
	currency_to - Digital code according to ISO 4217

Currency exchange fee - Exchange

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Exchange - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Exchange/1

Additional GET parameters to search:
	from - Digital code according to ISO 4217
	to=true - Digital code according to ISO 4217
	visible=true - Taken into account in the exchange system Velespay
	default=true - If no from and to fees are found, the default applies

Employee - Employees

Number of employees in the company

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Employees - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Employees/1

Years in business - Years_Business

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Years_Business - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Years_Business/1

Types of documents for attestation - Identity_Person_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Identity_Person_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Identity_Person_Type/1 - specific type

Legal forms of companies - Incorporation_Form

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Incorporation_Form - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Incorporation_Form/1 - specific form

Languages - Language

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Language - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Language/045 - Digital code

Additional GET parameters to search:
	code_1 - ISO 639-1
	code_2 - ISO 639-2
	code_3 - ISO 639-3
	support=true - Supported employees Velespay in the "Customer Support"
	visible=true - Available in the system Velespay

Ways to deposits accounts - Deposit

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Deposit - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Deposit/1 - specific way

Additional GET parameters to search:
	ps_code - E-currency code
	rounding - Rounding method (no, all, from, to)
	manual=true - Manual deposit type
	manual=false - Automatic deposit type
	visible=true - Available way to deposit funds in the Velespay system

Ways to withdraw from your account - Withdraw

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Withdraw - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Withdraw/1 - specific way

Additional GET parameters to search:
	ps_code - E-currency code
	rounding - Rounding method (no, all, from, to)
	manual=true - Manual deposit type
	manual=false - Automatic deposit type
	visible=true - Available withdrawal method in the system Velespay

Payment methods in the merchant - Merchant

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Merchant - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Merchant/1 - specific way

Additional GET parameters to search:
	ps_code - E-currency code
	rounding - Rounding method (no, all, from, to)
	manual=true - Manual merchant type
	manual=false - Automatic merchant type
	visible=true - Available method in the system Velespay
	permission=true - Required approval of staff Velespay

NACE codes - Nace_Codes

Economic activity

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Nace_Codes - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Nace_Codes/1 - specific type

Company file types - Organization_File_Type

File uploads for verification of the company.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Organization_File_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Organization_File_Type/1 - specific file type

Type of phone - Phone_Type

What phones are.

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Phone_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Phone_Type/1 - specific type

Business risk - Risk

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Risk - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Risk/1 - specific risk

Types of time zones - Timezone_Type

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Timezone_Type - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Timezone_Type/1 - specific type

Time zone - Timezone

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Timezone - list

URL: https://api.velespay.com/v1/info/Timezone/276 - specific time zone